In the Dental Fusion Organisation, ‘Extra’ comes as standard

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The DFO takes a positive attitude to dentistry, providing support and representation for everyone who joins. Annual membership starts at £10 including verifiable CPD for Dental Care Professionals, up to £315 for a complete support package for practice owners that includes HMRC approved contracts, the industry-standard 2013-14 Private Fees and Wages Guide and a package of other benefits worth in excess of £2,500. Increase semen volume

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96.8% of DFO members are happy with the service we provide

“As a long-standing member of Dental Fusion I cannot thank the organisation enough for the assistance and support they have given me whenever needed. Their legal team has given me valuable assistance at a very trying time I have had with the GDC and their advice and help in relation to patient-dentist problems have been of great help. I have no hesitation in recommending Dental Fusion to any Practitioner who wishes to join.” HN

The DFO is run by people with a finger on the pulse as opposed to pen pusher dentists.

They are not scared to voice their opinion about the state of dentistry today.

Survey results – April 2013

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Fusion is modern, political, commercial but, above all, accessible to all members of the dental team.

Our mission is to inform and entertain, to provoke thought and to bring patients, industry and the profession closer together.


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CEO Derek Watson explains how the Dental Fusion Organisation works


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